Welcome to Exxcom
Our innovative web-hosted solutions, designed from the ground up as web applications, help organisations to reduce costs. Whether its an electronic supplier bill, an email or router log file, or telephone call records from a PBX or IP switch, we can make sense of it. But more importantly we give you the tools you need to manage your organisation more cost effectively - either by improved processes, or by presenting this mass of complex data in a meaningful form, so that management can understand where unnecessary costs are being incurred and take appropriate action.
Implementation is quick and once up and running we do all the time-consuming back office functions and present concise information and easy-to-use processes that allows today’s busy manager to focus on key business issues.

Working with key channel partners in EMEA, and leading blue chip companies, we have a program of market-driven development to ensure our leading-edge services give ever-increasing customer value.
Exxcom is part of the Mettoni Group of companies, with unrivalled expertise in unified communications software development that provides enhanced communication management tools to enterprises in all markets across the world.
Our services are white label - designed with full branding capabilities to allow channel partners to differentiate their products and offer added-value to their customer base. Enhance your existing product range and move quickly into web services with our help.
  Business Users
A comprehensive and integrated solution for companies of all sizes from small single site businesses to major multi-site, multi-national organisations. We can help whether its for your own internal use, or as providers of managed workspace you need to recharge your tenants.