Exxcom is part of the Mettoni Group and has been supplying hosted services since 1993. From 2000 the services have been accessible through the Internet using a standard web browser on desktop PCs. Such a move dictated that the services should be easy to use, and reports easily understood – features that our customer base greatly appreciates. However, broad access demands good security and significant effort has been applied in this critical area. A recent audit to the stringent Sarbanes Oxley* standards has shown the services to be compliant, and as a matter of course we take all necessary steps to protect and back-up the data we process and store.
Using leading software and web servers from IBM, our services are entirely scalable. Our hardware has inbuilt redundancy, disc mirroring, and features multiple components to allow “hot swapping” to take place. A dedicated 2 Meg Direct Internet Access link with automatic changeover to a back-up link (in the event of failure of the primary circuit) provides the interface between our servers and our customers.
All development of the award-winning services, very much market-driven, is undertaken by our in-house team which has been responsible for the evolution of our service from the initial call logging suite, to cost reallocation and cost recovery services. More recent enhancements include an asset management module and a move to the development of business process management services to operate in conjunction with the base service modules.
As part of the Mettoni Group, a global unified communications software developer, Exxcom can provide hosted and managed services all over the world.
* Following the collapse of several leading US companies the American government introduced a new law called the Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Act. This provided a strict code of practice for corporate governance including access to corporate data.